Real Estate Software Solutions for Streamlining Your Business

Discover what makes iCloudReady the ideal software for managing your properties

iCloudReady provides comprehensive, timely, and accurate data that can be utilized to manage properties more efficiently and streamline communications with renters, managers, and owners.

Our software has a set of excellent features that make it an indispensable tool for every property manager, owner, and tenant.

Our new software is built for companies wanting to grow and invest in the future.


Comprehensive Portfolios

We offer simple and well-organized portfolios for keeping track of all your properties so you can manage them quickly and effectively.


Outstanding support

Our customer service teams are always available to help you. You can also consult our experts to learn how to make the most of our software.


Automated Tasks

Set up automatic payments and reminders for services like electricity, water, phone, and internet to easily manage your properties.


Quick Maintenance

We provide simple, cost-effective methods for quickly managing all your repair requests and fulfilling your needs.

Why You Should Use iCloudReady

Power throughout your day

Organize your daily operations and communications so that you can prioritize growing your business rather than focusing on time-consuming tasks.

  • Keep in contact with residents, property owners, board members, and vendors.

  • Complete maintenance requests and work orders quickly.

  • Manage all of your work on one single platform.


Reduce the duration of your leasing cycle.

Bring your entire lead-to-lease cycle online to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Build templates for all of your lease contracts and gather application signatures easily.

  • Create rental applications and conduct comprehensive tenant screening.

  • Promote available apartments and organize showings properly.


Set your business on autopilot

Automate your bookkeeping, payments, and collections so you can concentrate on the most crucial line items.

  • Maintain accurate and complete property and business financial records online.

  • Manage every step of the payment process online.

  • Quickly file and track your Form 1099s.


Want to improve your property management business?

Try iCloudReady for a free 14-day trial with no setup fees or hidden costs. No credit cards are required.

Give your business the attention it deserves

iCloudReady is designed to make your property management business way easier.

  • Create a free property management website to promote your business, showcase available properties, and highlight the services you provide.

  • Reach out to property owners and potential tenants in your region and wherever you want to promote your properties.


Make the right decisions for your business

Keeping track of all business performance and activities on one platform will help you make the best decisions.

  • Analytics and insights will help you strategically manage your business and understand the performance of your portfolio.

  • Building custom integrations with Open API will improve data workflow efficiency.