iCloud Ready:

Requests in a click. Automating your industry specific needs. Saving thousands of hours around the globe.

Discover Our Industries

Automotive Sector

Automotive sector’s gateway to an end to end solutions to cover sales, services, spare part, warranty, parts planning and other unique industry requirements, we automate those complex configuration and customization of this industry and make it ready to work.

Real Estate Sector

Property owners, facility managers, and field staff consistently leverage iCloud Ready’s iOpsApps to capture data, track projects, run reports, and more. Promote innovation and agility through your organization while ensuring security and governance.

Service Sector

No more rigid, non agile solutions; of the multiple apps we offer you: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Warehouse Manufacturing Systems (WMS), Material Resource Planning (MRP), Maintenance tracking, Inventory Control Systems, Assets Management.

The Four iCloudReady Pillars

Customer Engagement

Engager with your customer through Mobile applications, loyalty programs…and so much more.

Operations Excellence

Streamline your industry operational processes and effectively manage your resources through best in class operational excellence and planning.

Employees Productivity

Give your employee the best self services tools they need to do thier job and keep their team engaged and motivated from anywhere.

Actionable Insights

Give your executive a full executive assistant tool built for your industry covering dashboards, agents …and so much more.

Full Automation is Our Thing

Once a luxury, now is a necessity, automating repetitive business processes frees up humans for tasks that are less mundane or more valuable than those that can be completed by machines and software. The ability of these software programs to be adaptable over time means they can more quickly and effectively pore through massive troves of data and contextualize that information in a useful way for supporting internal decision making.

iCloud Ready For Integration With your system of records

and ready to plug in with most of the world’s known systems of record