We put a price on the invaluable

Scaling the numerous benefits business users get out of using our apps and enabling tools against our price list, the scales always tips to the users side.


Starting from 1000 active user
$2 / active user / month
  • Secure app sign-in via Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, and Smartsheet.
  • Photos, signatures, and GPS capture.
  • Calendar, maps, galleries, and tables.
  • Interactive dashboards and charts.
  • Email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Localization and custom user settings
  • Background data syncing and offline mode
  • Integrated with Google Sheets, Forms, Calendar
  • Integrated with Excel Spreadsheet on Office365, Dropbox, Box
  • Integrated with Oracle Fusion Engagement Cloud
  • Integrated with Oracle Service Cloud
  • Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Help articles and documentation
  • Email support
  • Scheduled reports
  • Caching optimizations
  • Security filters and private tables
  • Data partitioning
  • App lifecycle management
  • Security access log
  • Error alerting
  • SQL databases
  • On-premise databases
  • Active directory, Google domains, AWS Cognito, OpenID
  • MailChimp and Twilio custom messaging
  • Shared integrations
  • Integrated billing
  • Train models for use in your apps. Add prediction, classification, and other rich features via ML models.
  • Audit analytics