At iCloudReady, we've created a company culture that distinguishes us from the rest. We firmly believe that to build an extraordinarily successful business, we need an extraordinary team.Our team spans across the globe, with members in Egypt, East and West Coasts of the US, Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and various other regions. We embrace diversity at iCloudReady and understand its power in fueling innovation and progress.Our team at iCloudReady is united in our passion for excellence and dedication to providing our customers with the best possible outcome.
  • Salma ElShandaweely, Senior Marketing Specialist

    My journey into the world of marketing began with a degree in mass communication, followed by a marketing career certificate from the American University in Cairo. With over five years of marketing experience on hand, I've honed my skills in crafting compelling narratives and connecting with audiences on a personal level.

    Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm passionate about sustainability and have found my way to contribute is through reselling pre-loved items, aligning with my commitment to environmental consciousness.

    At iCloudReady, I bring this blend of creativity, expertise, and values to the table. I believe in the power of authentic connections and strive to make a meaningful impact through my work.

    Salma ElShandaweely, Senior Marketing Specialist
  • Habiba Farid, Frontend Engineer

    Hello! I'm Habiba, the Frontend Engineer at iCloudReady, and I’m excited to be a part of this innovative team. Hailing from the vibrant city of Alexandria, Egypt, I bring a blend of technical expertise and creative problem-solving to the table.

    My academic journey in Computer and Communication Engineering at Alexandria University laid the foundation for my career, and since then, I’ve honed my skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.js through various roles and projects. Before joining iCloudReady, I contributed to enhancing user interfaces at Lnkr and shared my knowledge as a Software Instructor and Teaching Assistant.

    At iCloudReady, I'm ready to tackle challenges head-on, learn from my experienced teammates, and contribute to creating seamless and intuitive user experiences. I'm passionate about continuous learning and staying updated with the latest in frontend development.

    When I'm not coding, I enjoy exploring Alexandria, playing sports, and spending quality time with friends. I believe in balancing hard work with moments of relaxation and fun.

    I'm thrilled to start this new chapter with iCloudReady and can’t wait to grow and achieve great things together!

    Habiba Farid, Frontend Engineer
  • Mohamed Mamdouh, Backend Team Leader

    In the world of backend development, where the machinery of software truly comes to life, I've found my calling. With six years under my belt, I've been the architect behind robust and scalable systems at Mivors Cloud Solutions, and I’m thrilled to bring that expertise to iCloudReady.

    A graduate of the Faculty of Engineering at Helwan University, my journey began with a simple fascination for solving puzzles—only, these puzzles were lines of code written in Swift for iOS mobile applications. Over the years, my toolbelt expanded to include an array of backend technologies like NodeJS, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Today, as the Backend Team Leader, I'm not just solving puzzles; I'm creating them—complex systems that power our suite of applications.

    But what fuels this engine, you ask? A deep-rooted passion for software engineering and a relentless pursuit of effective problem-solving. When I'm not knee-deep in code, you'll find me unwinding in front of a good movie, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or buried in a book. These hobbies are more than just pastimes; they're avenues for creative expression and problem-solving in different realms.

    Here at iCloudReady, I lead a team of talented engineers, and together we're building the backbone of products that will shape the future of enterprise solutions. We're not just writing code; we're crafting experiences, one line at a time

    Mohamed Mamdouh, Backend Team Leader
  • Eslam Abdelkhalek, Business Operations Team Leader

    Navigating the intricate web of business operations for the past six years at iCloudReady has been nothing short of a thrilling journey for me. Today, as the Business Operations Team Leader, I'm steering the ship through the complex waters of Human Resources, Cash Operations Management, Staff Scheduling, and Logistics, as well as Facility and Travel Management.

    A proud graduate of Cairo University my diverse skill set is a testament to the fulfilling role I've embraced in the operations field. It's not just about connecting the dots—it's about creating a seamless tapestry that enables every other department to function at their peak.

    When I'm not orchestrating the day-to-day rhythms of our operations, you'll find me engrossed in football matches, a passion that dates back to my youth. It's more than just a game; it's a study in strategy and teamwork, elements that are crucial in my professional role.

    Before iCloudReady, I spent considerable time honing my skills in various operational capacities. Each role was a stepping stone, adding layers of expertise and perspective that I now bring to our team.

    In the same way a well-coordinated football team can achieve victory, I believe that a well-coordinated operations team can elevate a company to unparalleled success. Here at iCloudReady, we're doing just that—crafting a harmonious, efficient environment that allows us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.

    Eslam Abdelkhalek, Business Operations Team Leader
  • Hany Tawfik, Mobile Team Leader

    If you're reading this on a mobile device, you're already interacting with the kind of work I live for. I've spent the last five years diving deep into the realm of mobile application development, specializing in Android and cross-platform applications via Flutter. Today, I channel this expertise as the Mobile Team Leader at iCloudReady, where I lead a team of engineers committed to crafting exceptional mobile experiences.

    A proud alumnus of Helwan University's Faculty of Engineering, my passion for software engineering isn't just a career; it's a calling. This enthusiasm has led me to tackle some of the most challenging tasks in mobile app development, and I've been honored to receive recognition for these professional milestones along the way.

    When I'm not orchestrating a symphony of code, you'll find me playing a different kind of symphony on my violin. Movies are another go-to escape, and I love experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. These activities are more than just hobbies; they're an extension of my passion for creativity and problem-solving, qualities I bring to every project at iCloudReady.

    Whether it's building a groundbreaking new app or fine-tuning an existing one, I'm committed to pushing the envelope of what's possible in the mobile sphere. At iCloudReady, we're not just making apps; we're making the kind of apps that people talk about, that they use over and over again. We don't settle for anything less than excellence, and neither should you.

    Hany Tawfik, Mobile Team Leader
  • Ahmed Elazab, Founder & CEO

    In the early 2000s, while many were still grappling with the internet, I was already diving deep into the world of ERP/CRM applications and custom software development. With over 100 Digital Transformation projects under my belt, I've gained unparalleled expertise in a market now worth nearly $880 billion combined.

    Prior to iCloudReady, I split my time between guiding projects to success at Mivors Consulting and orchestrating the product strategy for Mivors Cloud Solutions from 2013 to 2017. But, despite these accomplishments, I felt a deeper calling.

    "Millions of untapped solutions can revolutionize enterprise operations," I often told myself. So, I decided to be a part of the revolution. Armed with a potent blend of entrepreneurship skills and an intricate understanding of management, software, and engineering, iCloudReady was born.

    Today, I have the honor of having co-founded several groundbreaking companies that are redefining the 21st century. My mission is to continue delivering business solutions that not only add immense value to enterprises but also enrich our lives in unprecedented ways.

    When I'm not engrossed in enterprise solutions, I am an avid reader and a mentor to young entrepreneurs. My love for technology is only rivaled by my passion for understanding the cosmos, a subject that always keeps me humbled and inspired.

    Ahmed Elazab, Founder & CEO
  • Ahmed Ibrahim, VP Products and Design

    I like to think of myself as someone who was virtually born into the world of software development and technology. My journey began more than 18 years ago, and I've since accumulated an expansive skill set that includes everything from software architecture and Big Data Engineering to Oracle e-Business and DevOps.

    Before joining iCloudReady, I wore many hats, often simultaneously. In the early 2000s, I was diving into the deep end of Help Desk Specialist roles, soon transitioning to Software Analyst positions. By 2007, I was already freelancing as a Technical Support Manager, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities across companies and factories in El-Mahala Elkobra city and Mansura.

    By 2010, I'd progressed through multiple roles within DMS, from Senior Software Engineer to Software Architect and system/security administrator. This diverse experience allowed me to innovate within the healthcare industry, where I created unique solutions that enhanced the integration of new technologies and streamlined development processes.

    The pharmaceutical industry beckoned next, and I found myself at Eva Pharma, a part of the Armanious Group. Here, I led Oracle developers' teams, developed Android mobile applications for both managers and medical representatives, and crafted web applications that provided sales statistics to top management. My repertoire continued to expand, and I became a certified professional in various Oracle tools and Project Management methodologies.

    Then came T-Solutions, where I managed software developers and product teams and navigated complex projects using Agile Scrum frameworks and PRINCE2 templates. I even found the time to develop a new web-based Point Of Sales (POS) application integrated with Galaxy ERP.

    In my 'downtime,' I find solace in reading books across diverse fields—ranging from cosmology and pathology to dietetics and sociology. I've also dabbled in scientific research and even written articles in various academic journals. I believe that constant learning is the cornerstone of any successful career, and my eclectic interests only add another dimension to my professional life.

    At iCloudReady, I'm putting this rich tapestry of experience to use, focusing on delivering products that not just meet but exceed our customers' expectations. My goal is to innovate, lead, and inspire—every single day.

    Ahmed Ibrahim, VP Products and Design
  • Nadda Habeb, Product Designer

    Nadda Habeb, Product Designer
  • Ahmed Khaled, Digital Account Manager

    Ahmed Khaled, Digital Account Manager
  • Salma Ahmed, Backend Engineer

    Salma Ahmed, Backend Engineer
  • Mostafa Abbas, Frontend Engineer

    Hello, I'm Mostafa Abbas, and I'm thrilled to be part of the iCloudReady team as a Junior Frontend Engineer. Although it's been less than a year since I joined, every day feels like a new and exciting challenge. Fresh out of Helwan University's Faculty of Computer Science, I jumped right into the deep end of coding, learning, and, most importantly, problem-solving.

    My journey into the world of frontend development started long before I received my degree. The idea that I could build something from scratch and see it come to life on a screen was nothing short of magical for me. University laid the theoretical foundation, but iCloudReady has been the real practical school for me. The pace is fast, the projects are diverse, and the learning curve is steep—but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    The opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals has been invaluable. Every line of code I write, every bug I fix, and every user interface I help design takes me one step closer to becoming the engineer I aspire to be. I have been focusing on mastering various frontend technologies, understanding user-centric design, and grasping the intricacies of scalable and maintainable code.

    I believe that the frontend is not just about making things look good; it's about creating a seamless and intuitive user experience. And that's what I aim to do at iCloudReady. I am passionate about using my skills to make our software as user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing as possible.

    Outside of coding, I like to keep things balanced. Whether it's playing sports, gaming, or just hanging out with friends, I believe downtime is crucial for creativity. After all, a well-rested mind is a more productive one.

    Based in Cairo, Egypt, I'm excited to grow, contribute, and take on new challenges here at iCloudReady. The best part? I'm just getting started.

    Mostafa Abbas, Frontend Engineer
  • Ahmed Abdelbary, Backend Engineer

    You may find it odd to learn that my first career was as a dentist. Yes, you read that right—a dentist turned Backend Engineer. So how did I make this transition from oral health to the digital realm? Well, it all boils down to my incessant curiosity and a desire to improve lives, whether it's alleviating a toothache or streamlining a digital process.

    When I hung up my dental coat, I dived deep into the world of digital automation, and I've never looked back. At iCloudReady, I get to channel my passion for helping people into creating innovative solutions that not only make life easier but also add real value. While a dentist fixes smiles, I now craft code—each line aimed at simplifying tasks, enhancing user experience, and ultimately, bettering lives.

    I thrive on challenges and relish the complex problems that come my way, knowing that the solutions I develop will have a tangible impact on how we interact with technology. From system architecture to API integrations, my days are filled with opportunities to create, to solve, and to innovate.

    So here I am, no longer the guy you visit for a toothache, but the one you'll want to consult when your digital framework needs a check-up. I'm still in the business of problem-solving, just with a different set of tools.

    Ahmed Abdelbary, Backend Engineer
  • Ahmed Elkassas, Frontend Engineer

    Hello, I'm Ahmed Bassuony Elqassas, and I have the privilege of serving as a Front-End Developer at iCloudReady. I graduated from HTI in the 10th of Ramadan City and now live in the beautiful Kafr el-Sheikh. Over the last four months, I've been pouring my creativity and technical expertise into designing and developing websites that not only look good but also effectively communicate what iCloudReady is all about.

    The front-end stack is my playground. It's where design meets functionality, and where I get to bring my love for aesthetics and usability into harmony. I believe a website should be more than a digital brochure; it should be an experience that resonates with the viewer and clearly conveys the value proposition of the services offered. That's why my role doesn't stop at coding; it extends to understanding design principles, UX, and the business needs that drive our projects.

    My passion for front-end development isn't just about the tools or technologies; it's about the endless possibilities to create visually captivating and user-friendly experiences. It's a field that's constantly evolving, and that's what makes it exciting. I'm committed to continuous learning, always staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies to ensure that iCloudReady remains at the forefront of digital innovation.

    When not deep in code or collaborating with our talented design team, I'm probably solving problems in other ways—like figuring out the quickest route through Kafr el-Sheikh's bustling streets.

    I'm thrilled to be a part of the iCloudReady family and look forward to contributing to our shared vision of excellence in every project we undertake.

    Ahmed Elkassas, Frontend Engineer
  • Yasmin Nabil, Senior UI & UX Designer

    Design is a language, and I've dedicated myself to becoming fluent in its nuances. Hi, I'm Yasmine Nabil, your Senior UI/UX Designer at iCloudReady. My role here is not just about making things look pretty; it's about creating a seamless, enjoyable experience for every user who interacts with our software.

    My academic background from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at Ain-Shams University laid the foundation for my career. But it's my insatiable curiosity and passion for user experience that have really shaped my approach to design. I believe that a great design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about solving problems, fulfilling needs, and evoking emotions—all while maintaining functionality.

    In my two months at iCloudReady, I've been busy refining the user experience and interface across our platforms. From laying out intuitive user flows to sweating the details of each UI component, my goal is to make every interaction delightful. I'm particularly proud of the usability tests and interactive prototypes that have helped us make data-driven design decisions.

    Yet, my work is far from done. The world of UI/UX design is ever-evolving, and I relish the challenge of keeping up with new trends, technologies, and user expectations. After all, in an industry as dynamic as this, there's always something new to learn, a problem to solve, or a design to improve.

    When I'm not immersed in pixels and wireframes, you can find me diving into a good book, watching thought-provoking documentaries, or simply taking a leisurely walk to clear my mind. I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, and these activities help me recharge and come back to the design table with fresh eyes and new ideas.

    Based in Cairo, Egypt, I'm excited about the innovative work we're doing at iCloudReady and can't wait to contribute more to our design philosophy.

    Yasmin Nabil, Senior UI & UX Designer
  • Heba Khaled, Marketing Team Leader

    Five years in the marketing industry might seem like a short time to some, but when you're as committed as I am, it's a lifetime of learning and growing. I step into the offices of iCloudReady every day with one goal in mind: to elevate our marketing game to unparalleled heights.

    A staunch believer in the power of continuous learning, I've taken every opportunity to hone my skills in campaign development, data analysis, and performance optimization. This isn't just a job for me; it's a calling. My passion for marketing is the fuel that drives me to approach each project with a can-do attitude and an unquenchable thirst for excellence.

    My journey in marketing has been a rewarding one, marked by invaluable contributions to iCloudReady's marketing successes. From curating engaging campaigns to dissecting data for performance optimization, I relish the challenges and triumphs that come with the territory.

    When I'm not knee-deep in analytics or brainstorming our next big campaign, I'm probably diving into the latest industry literature or attending webinars to stay ahead of the curve. For me, every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and to apply that knowledge in creative and impactful ways.

    In marketing, as in life, you get out what you put in. And here at iCloudReady, I'm all in. Join us, and you'll see what I mean.

    Heba Khaled, Marketing Team Leader
  • Menna Khalifa, Digital Account Manager

    Menna Khalifa, Digital Account Manager
  • Mayar Ashraf, People Generalist

    Hello! I'm Mayar Ashraf, the People Generalist here at iCloudReady. I'm proud to have joined this dynamic team, where I bring my organizational skills and proactive nature into play every day. I graduated from Helwan University in Cairo with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. My educational background also includes specialized courses in Journalistic and Political Translation at MENA and a Spanish course at the Spanish Cultural Center in Cairo. Before joining iCloudReady, I honed my customer service skills as a Prestige Account Advisor at Etisalat UAE, where I was responsible for high-value customer care.

    As a People Generalist, my role is incredibly diverse and deeply integrated into the internal operations of iCloudReady. Reporting directly to the C-Level executives, I assist in streamlining our operational processes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. I wear many hats in this role, from scheduling meetings and team-building sessions to handling recruitment and onboarding processes.

    My commitment to operational excellence doesn't just stop at task completion; I am continually analyzing our operations and providing invaluable feedback to our leaders. It's all about fostering an environment where every team member can contribute to their full potential. I take pride in ensuring that everyone has the support and resources they need to succeed, whether that means ordering office supplies or preparing important documents.

    My role requires a high level of organizational skill, and my proficiency in English, Arabic, and basic Spanish equips me to interact with a diverse range of stakeholders. My commitment to continuous improvement is backed by various training and certifications relevant to my role as an Operations Assistant. And let's not forget presentation skills—I believe that clear and effective communication is key in any business setting.

    When I'm not at work, I enjoy diving into the world of literature, exploring journalistic writings, and dabbling in language translation. I'm also passionate about culture and enjoy enriching my language skills—I am proficient in Arabic and English and am working on improving my Spanish.

    I am thrilled to be a part of iCloudReady, and I'm committed to contributing to our collective success by optimizing our internal operations.

    Mayar Ashraf, People Generalist
  • Youssef Omar, Senior Regional Sales Manager

    Hello, I’m Youssef Omar, a Sr. Regional Sales Manager at iCloudReady. I’d like to introduce myself as a passionate sales professional with a strong mindset. I have spent my entire career in sales and supporting the companies to scale and grow.

    Despite leading an awesome team, I’d like to always be on the front lines. I always say that the real leader should have a dirty hand and take the heat instead of his team.

    Youssef Omar, Senior Regional Sales Manager
  • Hla Geoushy, Graphic Designer

    Hla Geoushy, Graphic Designer
  • Monica Awny, Sales Development Representative

    Monica Awny, Sales Development Representative
  • Ahmed Mone'm, Backend Engineer

    Hey there! I'm Mohamed Walaa Eldeen, and for almost 3 years now, I've been living the dream as a mobile developer. There's nothing quite like the thrill of crafting innovative software solutions that fit perfectly in your pocket.

    Having honed my skills across startups, multinationals, and local companies, I bring a diverse perspective to the table at iCloudReady. Every project is a chance to push boundaries and create something truly remarkable.

    Here at iCloudReady, the energy is contagious, and the potential for positive impact is limitless. I'm stoked to be part of a team that's constantly striving to make a difference, one app at a time.

    Ahmed Mone'm, Backend Engineer
  • Mohamed Walaa, Mobile App Engineer

    Hey there! I'm Mohamed Walaa Eldeen, and for almost 3 years now, I've been living the dream as a mobile developer. There's nothing quite like the thrill of crafting innovative software solutions that fit perfectly in your pocket.

    Having honed my skills across startups, multinationals, and local companies, I bring a diverse perspective to the table at iCloudReady. Every project is a chance to push boundaries and create something truly remarkable.

    Here at iCloudReady, the energy is contagious, and the potential for positive impact is limitless. I'm stoked to be part of a team that's constantly striving to make a difference, one app at a time.

    Mohamed Walaa, Mobile App Engineer
  • Ahmed Said, Front End Engineer

  • Abdulrahman Mousa, Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    If you've tried our demo platform, you should know that I tested it thoroughly before it reached you, ensuring you have the best experience. As a software quality assurance engineer, I strive to make our platform the only real estate platform you'll ever need.

    I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University, specializing in the Electronics Department. Even before graduation, alongside my main work as an embedded software engineer, I acted as a quality engineer during my graduation project. In this role, I reviewed project codes, wrote test cases and scenarios, found bugs, and suggested enhancements to ensure our project met the highest quality standards and requirements.

    After graduation, I pursued testing courses and became a certified tester by acquiring the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certification. This is the story of how I became a certified tester.

    My career as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer began when I joined iCloudReady, a company that offers me opportunities to gain technical

    and non-technical experience, an environment that fosters self-improvement, and allows me to excel in what I do best.

    Abdulrahman Mousa, Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Esraa Ismail, Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    Esraa Ismail, Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Omar Assem, Sales Development Representative

    Omar Assem, Sales Development Representative
  • Youssef Khaled, Sales Account Executive

    Youssef Khaled, Sales Account Executive
  • Mohamed Nabil, Sales Account Executive

    Mohamed Nabil, Sales Account Executive
  • Ahmed Mamdouh, Sales Account Executive

    Ahmed Mamdouh, Sales Account Executive
  • Omar Assem, Sales Development Representative

    This is Omar Assem Ex-Civil Engineer Graduated in 2019 from the BUE, and now shifted my career and working as a business developer since 2 years

    Omar Assem, Sales Development Representative