Get started today and simplify your property management tasks

Occupancy, maintenance, accounting, tenant portal, and more

Get started today and simplify your property management tasks


Ensuring you select tenants who meet your criteria for responsible and reliable occupancy

  • Anytime Signing

    Allow occupants to sign from anywhere, on any device, for greater convenience

  • Paperless Process

    Save time and money, and help the environment by going paperless with electronic signatures

  • High-Quality Occupants

    Maximize the chances of finding high-quality occupants who are well-suited to the property

  • Real-Time Progress Tracking

    Track the progress of reference checks and signatures in real-time to ensure a smooth and timely occupancy process

Rental accounting & reporting

Gain valuable insights from property management data by utilizing visual aids such as graphs, tables, charts, and maps

  • Real-time Flexible Reporting

    Access a wide range of customizable reports and data visualizations

  • Secure Export Functionality

    Take advantage of extended access to your data with secure export functionality that allows you to organize it outside of iCloudReady

  • Automated Accounts Payable

    Save time and money by automating the processing, entering, and payment of invoices, while improving accuracy and vendor relationships

  • Efficient Bill Entry

    Automate manual processes and improve data accuracy that extracts key information from PDF invoices and automatically enters it into iCloudReady

Property Maintenance

Analyze user navigation by setting starting and ending points in your property management process

  • Streamlined Workflows

    Manage maintenance tasks, schedule recurring items, and pay vendors seamlessly with online maintenance workflows

  • Real-time Progress Tracking

    Track the status of work orders and communicate progress with vendors, residents, and homeowners from your phone for greater efficiency and collaboration

  • Enhanced Visibility

    Gain enhanced visibility into tracked changes, and quickly identify and correct mistakes with auditing logs and filterable activity history

  • Centralized Payment Processing

    Streamline payment processes and maintain a line of sight on your business with automated workflows that centralize all payments and records in one platform


Utilizing advanced data analytics and comparative insights empowers you to make informed decisions based on metrics and establish performance benchmarks

  • Performance benchmarking

    Set benchmarks for key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the performance of individual properties and identify areas for improvement

  • Cost-saving maintenance management

    Monitor maintenance and repair costs to identify areas where you can reduce expenses and improve the overall maintenance of your properties

  • Streamlined workflows

    Streamline property management workflows by automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time data

Rent payment

Automate payments with online solutions for faster processing and improved cash flow

  • Online Contract Signing

    Sign and store tenancy contracts quickly and easily online

  • Efficient Payment Processing

    Cut payment processing time by up to 70 percent with the best online rent payment service

  • Automation

    Leverage iCloudReady's fully flexible automation feature to automate company processes while virtually eliminating the chance of issues arising due to human error

Tenant Communication

Analyze tenant communication to better understand their needs and preferences, and improve overall tenant satisfaction

  • Initiate Communication

    proactively reach out to tenants through various communication channels, such as email or push notifications

  • Transparent and Trustworthy

    Utilize the tenant portal to share important information and updates with tenants

  • Personalization

    Customize the tenant portal to meet the unique needs and preferences of each tenant

  • Responsive and Timely

    Leverage the tenant portal to promptly address tenants' feedback and concerns

    • Efficient Accounting

      Streamline your financial management processes with our efficient accounting tools.

    • Powerful Reporting

      Gain valuable insights into your property performance with our powerful reporting tools

    • CustomizableWorkflows

      Customize workflows and integrate third-party apps with our software to tailor it to your unique property management needs

    • SeamlessIntegration

      Integrate our software with your existing ERP tools and systems for a seamless transition and streamlined workflows

    • SecureData Management

      Securely manage property and tenant data with our advanced encryption and cloud storage tools

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