About iCloudReady

What type of software is iCloudReady?

iCloudReady is a simple, unified property management software that manages every aspect of your business. Our purpose-built, open software encourages growth and strives to help you manage your properties as effectively as possible.

Is iCloudReady cloud-based?

Yes! And numerous clients in the legal and real estate industries benefit from our cloud-based solutions. Our products now include property management software (iCloudReady Property Manager platform), property management solutions, as well as CRM and customer portals and dashboards.

Why iCloudReady?

Property owners and managers need effective, user-friendly and affordable software to streamline their operations.iCloudReady was designed with this in mind, providing cutting-edge property management software as well as exceptional customer service. Thousands of property managers rely on its capabilities for efficient and effective results. To fully explore iCloudReady's potentials, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Features Overview

  • End to end real estate automation for both operations and customer engagement.
  • A full property management , including:
  • CRM and customer engagement tools, such as:

You can read more about our features on the Product page.

Does it work for mobile and web?

Yes. We support any kind of application.

Does it work with my stack?

Yes. iCloudReady can be used via:

  • An HTML snippet that goes inside your <head></head> tags.
  • One of our 15+ libraries covering the main programming languages and tools
  • Our API

This means that it doesn’t matter what your stack is - you can use iCloudReady with it.

About the Software

Is icloudReady easy to use?

iCloudReady's main goal is to help you manage your properties easily. This can only be acheived with the help of our user-friendly software system. iCloudReady's features make it easy for you to increase productivity and streamline all your operations.

Does iCloudReady Platform have a website?

iCloudReady’s website is dedicated to managing all of your business needs. Our website allows you to advertise listings, manage properties online, include contact details for your business, and allow tenants and owners to log into their own portals. Our website is responsive, so it can be viewed on any device.

Does iCloudReady have a payroll?

At the moment, iCloudReady does not provide an integrated payroll service.

Does iCloudReady have an app?

The mobile app for iCloudReady Property Manager includes a variety of features, ranging from accounting to marketing. Our app is available for iOS and Android devices.

How do I create an account on iCloudReady?

You can register using your business email, after which you will get a confirmation email. Once you have verified your account, simply log in, provide your information, and you are good to go.

Does iCloudReady have an open API?

iCloudReady’s Open API, which is included in our enterprise subscription, allows you to customize and get the most value out of our software. Our Open API enables you to quickly retrieve your data and build unique integrations with other programs you use for maintenance, lead tracking, accounting, and other purposes.

Is iCloudReady an accounting software?

No. iCloudReady is a property managment software.

Is iCloudReady free?

iCloudReady charges per unit and per month, with prices varying depending on whether you manage residential, commercial, or community association properties. The basic plan costs $50 per month for each active user. We also offer a free 14-day trial.

Is iCloudReady safe to use?

One of the main advantages of using iCloudReady is that it is a secure platform. iCloudReady has implemented numerous security measures to protect client data, the most important of which is data encryption.

How many units do you need for iCloudReady?

iCloudReady recommends a minimum of 20 units for implementation, making the software a good match for real estate investors with large portfolios and residential property management companies.

Does iCloudReady have a CRM?

Yes! Our core product is a CRM.

What is the iCloudReady portal?

The online portal allows you to pay dues and other charges online, view payment history, and submit architectural reviews in a simple, quick, and secure manner. By downloading the mobile app, you can access your online portal from any device.

What types of properties are supported by iCloudReady?

iCloudReady is the ideal option for all property types, including residential and commercial, affordable, PHA, HOA/condo, manufactured housing, and self-storage, providing unmatched service and comfort.

Are there any setup charges?

You do not have to pay anything upfront! Sign up right away to unleash the full potential of iCloudReady with a free 14-day trial and zero setup charges.

Does iCloudReady provide customer support?

You can contact iCloudReady and iCloudReady Premier experts at any time using live chat support. Any questions you have will be answered by our team of dedicated support staff. Send us an email with your queries, and one of our live operators will respond right away.

Is there any software to download? What about upgrades?

Simply with a reliable internet connection and a supported browser, you can access it on any device with no need to download or install anything. Updates are automated, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date software quickly and simply.