Founder's Message: Shaping Our Vision at iCloudReady

Ahmed Elazab

An introduction

Welcome to iCloudReady, where we understand that business is ultimately about people, and we go above and beyond to create the best customer experience. Our work life and office space are carefully designed to allow us to focus on delighting our customers at every turn. We offer an end-to-end real estate platform, which sets us apart from others in the industry.We believe that a successful company is built on the strength of its team. At iCloudReady, we don't just write code; we build relationships, educate, invent, and collaborate. Our team is diverse and specialized, and we recognize that it is our differences that make us successful. While we admire experts, we also value unexpected newcomers who bring unique perspectives to our team. Together, we create a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and make a meaningful impact. Join us on this extraordinary journey of growth and innovation at iCloudReady.

Redefining Property Management

A Transparent and Friendly Workplace Culture

Tackle Complex Challenges

Our team thrives on taking on complex challenges and finding innovative solutions.

Make Something that Matters

We produce products and provide services that are valued by our customers and that truly make a difference.

Personal and Professional Growth

We foster a culture that encourages our people to pursue their passions and develop professionally.

Innovative Minds Wanted

Our Mission Is To Revolutionize Real Estate Operations and Customer Engagement Through Digital Innovation

We're dedicated to making iCloudReady the ultimate development tool . One that sets the standard for building better, more efficient products in the real estate industry.

We look for people who are:


We are seeking individuals with a sense of adventure. Our aim is to take a small company to an IPO and beyond, which requires us to approach things differently than others.


We value self-starters who are passionate about their work and thrive in an environment that encourages creativity and initiative.


We operate in an environment where clear communication and a broad range of tasks are executed quickly. If you are a fast-paced, low ego individual who loves to take on new challenges, then you'll fit right in.

Being a part of iCloudReady has completely transformed my career journey. I consider myself truly blessed to be surrounded by an extraordinary team, and the experience has been nothing short of remarkable

Eslam Abdelkhalek - Business Operations team leader

Eslam Abdelkhalek

Business Operations team leader

Earn While You Explore Your Career Potential

Experience Life-like Working Scenarios After 2-3 Simple Interview Rounds

1. Application

Your application will be carefully assessed by our talent team.

2. Values and Fit Assessment

A brief 30-minute video call to assess values and fit

3. Technical interview

A personalized 60-minute assessment tailored to your role

4. Experience Day at iCloudReady

An enriching and paid day of hands-on experience

I absolutely love working for this company because it allows me the freedom to learn and make mistakes without fear. Embracing a culture that values growth and continuous learning, I feel supported in my journey of self-improvement, knowing that every step, even the missteps, contributes to my development and success

Mayada Ghoniem - Associate product manager

Mayada Ghoniem

Associate product manager


We're dedicated to providing our hardworking team with meaningful benefits that show our appreciation.

Fair Pay and Employee Equity

At our company, we believe in rewarding the best talent with fair compensation and equity. We're committed to transparency and providing employee-friendly terms that make everyone feel invested in our success.

Take a Break and Recharge

We understand the importance of taking time away from work to recharge and come back even stronger. That's why we offer unlimited vacation time (with a minimum of 21 days per year required!), as well as sick leave and generous parental leave.

Home office

We provide all the equipment necessary to set up an ergonomic workspace, ensuring that you can work as efficiently as possible.

Coworking credit

We offer a generous budget for coworking or café work, giving you the flexibility to work from wherever you choose.

Private health, dental, and vision insurance.

We offer private health, dental, and vision insurance to ensure that you have the coverage you need.


We want you to feel secure in your future. That's why we offer pension contributions, ensuring that you have the savings you need when you retire.

Local Employment, Global Opportunities

We offer the opportunity to get hired through a local subsidiary in most countries, giving you access to global opportunities while working locally.

Company Offsites

We organize fully paid company offsites each year, giving you the chance to connect with your co-workers and have some fun.

I cherish my experience with this company as they place a strong emphasis on work-life balance. Striking this equilibrium allows me to excel in my role while still having quality time for personal pursuits. It's truly refreshing to work for an organization that values the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life harmony

Mohamed Mamdouh - Backend team leader

Mohamed Mamdouh

Backend team leader

One of the reasons I love being part of this company is the strong innovation culture. Here, creativity and forward-thinking are highly prized, and my ideas and feedback are always embraced. This empowers me to make a real impact, not just within my team, but across the entire organization.

Hany Tawfik - Mobile team leader

Hany Tawfik

Mobile team leader

Open roles

We take exceptional people when they come along - and we really mean that!

**Do not see a specific role listed?**That doesn't mean we won't have a spot for you.Send us an open application for exceptional talent!

We take applications seriously - you will not just end up in a candidate database. We make quick decisions, and if the timing is not quite right, we’ll do our best to provide insight into a better time to apply.

Regardless of the timing of your application or interest in iCloudReady, you can go ahead and try our software

* When you click through some of these jobs might say San Francisco or Cairo, but we are hiring all over the world. *