CRM Fundamentals

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CRM Fundamentals

iCloud-Ready CRM is a comprehensive solution designed to address all your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business needs. It not only centralizes the management of your leads but also offers integration capabilities to garner leads from external resources and various social media platforms. This CRM tool gives you the flexibility to engage and communicate with your leads or opportunities using multiple channels, thus ensuring consistent touch points. One of its key features is its robust analytics solution, which enables you to track customer progress and derive insights to make data-driven decisions. To ensure your contacts' privacy and security, the system allows the setting of custom policies, providing a safe and secure environment for your business relationships.

Leads and Opportunities

Leads Management


The Leads Overview Page serves as a comprehensive management hub for all your leads. It offers swift action capabilities, such as quick edits and activity additions. Moreover, it supports lead import and export processes, facilitates column customization, and enables the creation of saved filters for streamlined lead navigation. Additionally, you can add frequently accessed leads to your favorites for quicker access, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

1- Open CRM Module

2- Click on Leads Page

Column Sorting and Filters: All Columns allowed filters and sorting


Import Leads:

1- Click on Import Button.


2- Click to Get the Template:


3- You will find the information to use the template, also you can download the template and use it directly


4- After using the Template and adding your data, click on Upload button in order to upload your leads


5- After selecting the CSV file the process will starts6- In the submit data step you can select what you need to import also you can modify data before importing

Add New Lead:

1- Click on Add Lead


2- Fill the form with your lead’s data


3- You can choose to save data and exit or save and add more leads

Saved Filters:

1- Click on Filters Button:


2- Choose What you need to filter with and click on Save Filter (Public, Private)3- After Saving filters you can find the in saved filters area, then you can use them to apply filters


Edit Table: Choose the Viewed columns in the leads page and also you can enable or disable (Filter, Sort) for each column


Fast Actions Tool Bar:

1- Assign Lead

2- Add Comment


3- Add Activity

4- Fast Edit


5- Delete Lead6- View Lead7- Add to Favorite

Lead Page

  1. On the Leads Page, you can manage each lead and perform multiple actions for each one.


  1. Add Activities**:** This feature allows users to record past activities for each lead. Users can add multiple activities such as WhatsApp, Mail, SMS, and Meeting. They can also provide details like the activity date, description, outcome, and notes.
  2. Take Actions:


  1. Users can perform direct actions for each lead by calling, sending SMS, emailing, and sending WhatsApp messages.
  2. Users can utilize AI capabilities to create a message for the customer based on a brief description.



Suggest Unit Using AI

The Suggest Unit feature enables agents to use AI to recommend a unit to the lead based on their interests.


To use this feature just make the following steps:
  1. Open Units tab
    1. Click on Suggest Units
    2. In Suggest units tab you can add the following entries:
    1. Search Text: What the users needs (User’s interests)2. Personality: The persona of the Customer3. Results Limit: How many results you need to get per search


Suggest Units Result:



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