Self Storage Property Management Software

Get everything you need with intuitive and powerful storage management software

Stored goods protection

offers affordable protection that gives tenants peace of mind while you enjoy automated program management — and an additional revenue stream.

  • Give Tenants Peace of Mind

    iCloudReady protects tenants against damage or loss of stored belongings due to fire, smoke, lightning, wind, water damage and theft. Tenants can choose options from $1,000 to $10,000 for a low cost. Signup is quick and simple with pre-approved protection and no additional background or credit checks.

  • Gain a Revenue Stream

    With GoodShield, you can provide a great service to your tenants by offering affordable protection of their stored belongings, and benefit from the billing and collection of charges for an additional revenue stream. Storage facility owners can earn revenue for assisting with program implementation and ongoing administration.

  • Benefit from Easy Adoption

    It’s easy to offer GoodShield to your tenants as a way to protect their valuables at full replacement cost — and enjoy a great experience storing their belongings at your property. GoodShield provides instant program adoption within your Yardi leasing workflow to maximize penetration rates.

Leverage the market data and information service for real estate professionals

Empower your business with the same information that leading real estate investors across the world rely on to make better business decisions

  • Search Proactively

    If you are in the business of property acquisition, take control of the prospecting and preliminary underwriting process.

  • Assess Prospective Sites

    Discover other projects that are in the development pipeline for the market or surrounding areas; evaluate the demand/supply balance.

  • Reach Prospective Customers

    For service providers or vendors to the real estate industry, we enhance your ability to reach out to prospective customers like never before. Save time by contacting the decision maker for every property, the first time.

  • Target the Right Market

    Be in control of the sales origination and preliminary underwriting process as a broker or underwriter. Target owners early in the disposition process, and those currently active in the acquisition market.

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