May 20, 2023

How iCloudReady's Real Estate Software Solution Can Revolutionize Your Business

The demand for top real estate software solutions is increasing every day. Property management can be challenging for agents and owners at times. This is where the top real estate software solutions come in. Real estate software can update, digitize, and automate your tasks. Whether you are a property owner, a real estate agent, or a tenant, using top real estate software solutions will help you manage your properties and streamline all your operations.

In this article, you will learn how using iCloudReady, recognized as one of the top real estate software solutions in the market, can take your property management business to the next level.

1-Powerful advertising to promote your properties

Nowadays, more Millennials and Generation Z are investing in real estate, and they are strong consumers of internet platforms. According to the 2018 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 50% of buyers found their new homes online.

You can use iCloudReady to create your own customized property management web portal to enhance your online presence, promote your business, showcase available properties, and highlight the services you offer. Additionally, data collection will give you access to detailed analytics reports about your visitors, including where they are from and what they are looking for.

2- Increasing customer referrals

25% of agents generate more than 50% of their revenue through referrals. Therefore, by establishing a trustworthy rapport with your clients, they will be more likely to recommend you to others.

iCloudReady provides a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) system that allows you to:
  1. Efficiently communicate with your customers through 24/7 customer support and personalized push notifications, a hallmark of top real estate software.
  2. Track leads and create a comprehensive database of your customers' activities using advanced top real estate software features.
  3. Fill out forms automatically, store important documents, and retrieve required data seamlessly with the help of top real estate software solutions.
  4. Give your customers simple access to the mobile application so they can add or view their owned units, made possible by top real estate software technology.
  5. Detailed search options that include information on the units' location, a map, pictures, etc., all provided by top real estate software capabilities.

3- Managing administrative tasks easily

Rather than hiring a back-office clerk or a real-estate manager, you can easily manage and automate lease and property management with top real estate software.

iCloudReady software provides you with a robust document management system that offers:

  1. Templates’ creation for your entire lease contracts.
  2. Create unique rental applications.
  3. Listing/Removing Properties and Database.
  4. Import documents and store information related to your lease agreements, tax and compliance documents.

4- Storing and securing data efficiently

For storing important business data and property information, cloud storage is more efficient and secure. iCloudReady software provides unlimited cloud storage within the scope of your subscription. iCloudReady enables you to back up your data, share it with others on your team, grant them access to it, recover accidentally deleted files, and enjoy unlimited storage.

5- Pursue your leads to close the deal faster

Every agent and property manager should have an effective lead-management system. iCloudReady offers a number of outstanding features that will help you significantly expand your business, including:

  1. A comprehensive set of reporting tools that will assist you in understanding the performance of your entire portfolio.
  2. Analytics and insights to help you separate high-quality leads from the rest.
  3. Keeping track of leads whenever a potential tenant shows interest in your rental property.
  4. Implementing our CRM system to manage efficiently.
  5. Open API to build custom integrations will improve data workflow efficiency.

Contact iCloudReady to schedule a 14-day free trial with no setup fees or hidden costs. Learn how top real estate software can transform your property management experience and take your business to new heights.

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