User Roles and Permissions

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User Roles and Permissions


iCloud Ready comprises three primary roles which are:

AdminThe Admin role typically refers to the user with administrative privileges and responsibilities. The individual assigned the Admin role has the authority to manage and configure various aspects of the platform as shown in the below figure.
SupportThe Support role is typically associated with users who are responsible for providing assistance, guidance, and resolution to customer-related issues and inquiries.
UserA user role refers to a predefined set of permissions and responsibilities assigned to individuals within the organization who interact with the platform. User roles are designed to regulate access to specific features, data, and functionalities, ensuring that users have appropriate levels of authority based on their roles and responsibilities.

Configurations of roles.

The Tasks that can be assigned to each role in ICloud-Ready Real Estate Software:

You can also create/edit the role name, its description, and tasks related to the role.

Adding a new user with a role:

  1. New user.
  2. Add the data of the new user and assign its role from the role box. As shown in the below figure.
  3. Create a user.


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