iCloudReady ForTeams

Real estate teams have specific technological requirements that most brokerage platforms fail to meet, lacking the necessary tools and flexibility for team growth and success.

A platform engineered to help your team thrive

Contact Ownership & Privacy

As a team leader, your database is your lifeblood

  • You need a platform that gives you full ownership of your contacts and keeps your database private and secure. iCloudReady allows you to upload your database directly and ensures all leads and contacts you generate through the platform remain private and in your control. Need to make a brokerage change down the road? You can take your personal database with you, without skipping a beat.

Efficient Team Collaboration

No two teams are the same.

  • you need the freedom and flexibility to create processes and systems that work for you. iCloudReady allows you to run your team your way with support for each team member including your ISAs and lenders. Leverage lead assignment, contact sharing and pond accounts to ensure each opportunity is maximized. Collaborate efficiently with shared task plans, team campaigns and more.

Effective, Built-In Lead Generation

Successful teams are built through fostering relationships, sharp sales acumen, and effective lead gen strategies

  • In turn, your tech platform must empower each member of your team to generate leads and drive new business. iCloudReady provides the most robust lead engine available including unlimited landing pages, IDX squeeze pages, custom text codes, smart numbers and more to generate leads for FREE. Or, for those with more money than time, the built-in Marketplace provides a one stop shop to purchase paid advertising solutions from Google, Facebook and more.

Sophisticated Team Lead Routing

Speed to lead is critical.

  • You need to get the right lead to the right team member, right away. iCloudReady provides robust lead routing to support the specific needs of your team. Route leads to team members who specialize in specific areas, price points, and more for all your lead sources. Assign leads in a round robin or "blast" method and control lead flow with weighting rules and built-in accountability to remove agents from rotation if specific criteria isn’t met.

Key Performance & Business Metrics

You run your team like a true sales business, and any successful business needs detailed insights and analytics to maximize performance.

  • iCloudReady’s business intelligence reporting gives you the data you need to measure team performance, view lead response time and conversion rates, evaluate marketing sources and pipeline engagement. It’s everything you need to optimize and scale your team, in one central dashboard.

    • Lead Generation

      A Multichannel online advertising service that attracts leads.

    • Lead Activities

      Build your business and make informed decisions using our IDX websites to track traffic.

    • Property Alerts

      Send new properties to buyer leads that match their browsing preferences.

    • Welcome Email

      Send welcome emails and texts to your leads automatically.

    • Smart Lists

      Speed up your call sessions with smart call lists. call all leads easily by tags and groups.

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