Account Setup

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Account Setup and Configuration

Get started by configuring your account and exploring the features available in the settings menu

Realm Information

Build your own space and personalise it with different settings:

  • Company Name.
  • Upload your company's Avatar, or Delete it if needed during profile management.
  • VAT Number (Value Added Tax).
  • Language.
  • Currency.
  • Choose to generate invoices for each unit.



Set up your billing with your personal information.


Personal information:

  • Contact:
  • Address:
  • Bank information:


Through this menu, you can integrate your account with any approved systems/platforms utilized by the company such as:

  • Idengager.
  • Oraclefusion.
  • insetting’s.
  • Emailready.
  • Logsready.
  • Smsready.
  • Social Media (Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram).


Personalize your report by choosing a primary and secondary color, inspired by the world of ballet, from the provided color pickers.

Actionable Insights

Configuring Actionable Insights serves the purpose of gaining valuable and actionable information. This feature allows you to access meaningful data that can inform decision-making and enhance the overall performance.

This can be performed by entering:

  • The URL where insights will be uploaded.
  • API Key.


A softphone is a virtual phone application that allows users to make calls over the internet using a computer or other smart devices.

You can easily enable this feature by entering:

  • App name.
  • App location.
  • Logs location.
  • Call Command.
  • End Call Command.

Email Templates

Craft your personalized templates for emails, texts, and WhatsApp messages.

For Email templates:

Configure the following:

  • Name.
  • Category.
  • Module (CRM, Marketing).
  • Subject.
  • Variables. (First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email).
  • E-mail body.
  • Publicity.

For SMS/WhatsApp messages:

  • Name.
  • Type (SMS, WhatsApp).
  • Category.
  • Module (CRM, Marketing).
  • Message (Utilize the text message generation tool by providing a concise description of your desired message content).
  • Publicity.

Custom Fields

Easily create and manage custom fields to track the information that matters to you.

Select "Add New Field" and proceed to create a field based on your individual preferences. You can either save or save and add more custom fields.


Easily create and manage policies in your system

Creating a new policy:

  1. Click on "Create New Policy"
  2. Add policy name.
  3. Add your policy filter.
  4. Save policies.


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