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Student Property Management Software

Multi-Tenant Rental Applications

Streamline Lease Management for Multiple Tenants with Ease

  • Lease Management

    Our software makes it easy to create lease agreements that are customized to each unit's specifications. You can set rent and recurring fee charges by unit or tenant, and make payments easy.

  • Secure Tenant Portals

    Keep your tenants happy with personalized leasing agreements and an automatic rent payment system through our cutting-edge tenant portals.

Work orders

Say goodbye to scattered maintenance requests from tenants, and say hello to centralized management of work orders in a single, user-friendly platform.

  • Manage Tenant requests

    With our innovative feature, maintenance requests are automatically received through the tenant portal, allowing you to effortlessly fulfill them with minimal effort.

  • Oversee Work Orders

    Manage your maintenance tasks with ease: prioritize urgency, assign to vendors, and track progress effortlessly. Reward vendors for timely completion.

Automated Payments

Never Chase Rent Again: Automate Your Payments and Stay on Top of Your Finances

  • Auto-payments

    With our top-of-the-line tenant portals, you can collect rent with ease and sync any bank account for automatic payments.

  • Track Payments

    Keep your rent and fee payments organized with our next-level automated reminder system and instant reporting dashboard.

Document Management

Consolidate All Your Important Documents into One Organized Location and Never Misplace a Crucial File Again!

  • Collect eSignatures

    Revolutionize your document workflow: Safely store and instantly eSign templates with anyone, anywhere.

  • Manage Documents Like a Pro

    Easily share files with tenants, owners, or vendors. Find any document in seconds with instant search. Optimize your file organization with custom tags.

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