Icloud ready Features

Real-Estate iCloud-Ready

is essential for any property owner or manager looking to improve your business. Since iCloud-Ready presents comprehensive, timely, and accurate data that can be used to manage properties more efficiently and streamline interactions with tenants, managers, and owners.

iCloud-Ready's core technology is designed to reduce overhead costs and accelerate your ability to scale up your businesses.

Our new software is built for companies wanting to grow and invest into the future.


All combinations of portfolios

From individual units to multi-block complexes, both residential and commercial, we will assist you with all of your portfolio mixing needs.


Outstanding support

Assisting teams in customer service and on boarding are available at all times.


Continuous improvement

Staying ahead of the competition in the property management sector by delivering innovative features that give you an unbeatable advantage.


No limit on the number of units

Pricing that is easily adjustable and transparent, allowing you to pay only for what is necessary.


Power through your day

Structure your daily operations and communication so that you may concentrate on growing your business rather than time-consuming tasks.

  • Maintain communication with residents, owners, board members, and vendors.

  • Complete maintenance requests and work orders as soon as possible.

  • On the go, manage and track association breaches.


Reduce the length of your leasing cycle.

Bring your whole lead-to-lease cycle online so that you can concentrate on people rather than paperwork.

  • Effortlessly promote available units and schedule showings

  • Create unique rental applications and conduct thorough tenant screening

  • Create templates for all of your lease contracts, and use any device to collect applicant signatures.


Set your accounting on auto-pilot

Automate your bookkeeping, payments, and collections so that you may concentrate on the line items that are most important.

  • Manage every step of the payment process online.

  • Maintain complete and accurate records for your property and business finances.

  • File and track your Form 1099s in minutes.


Already convinced iCloud-Ready Platform is right for your business?

Take the platform for a spin with our free, no-obligation, 14-day trial. No credit card required!

Give your business the attention it deserves

Instead of learning how to design a website, attract residents and get new customers.

  • Create a free property management website to promote your business, showcase available properties, and highlight the services you provide.

  • Using All Property Management, you may reach out to property owners in your region and anywhere else you wish to expand.


Make informed decisions
(right away)

Make the best decisions in real time by having all of your company's activity monitored from one location.

  • A complete suite of reporting will help you comprehend the performance of your entire portfolio. Analytics & Insights can help you strategically manage your organization.

  • Using Open API to create custom integrations will increase the efficiency of data workflow.