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Product direction


To see what we’re working on, and what the software does, visit the feature list.


Free edition (Complete – MIT)

This is designed for individual or smaller teams of developers to use for non-commercial or smaller commercial projects.

The repo can be found at the iCloudReady GitHub.

Growth edition (iCloudReady Growth license required)

This is designed for companies needing more sophisticated property management such as ab testing or more scalable databases for high traffic.

Ultimate edition (iCloudReady Ultimate license required)

This is designed for companies with enterprise needs – SSO, complex permissions, etc. We are seeking beta customers for this.

Why we are enterprise ?

iCloudReady is founded on a desire to protect user privacy and to be the developer-friendly property management choice.

Providing an complete offering – our enterprise edition – means that iCloudReady is as friendly as possible for enterprises to try out. Please give us lots of feedback, and we’d love to have you contribute.

We have chosen not to be complete for our Growth and Ultimate editions. Doing so would only leave us with donations or providing a hosted service as ways to support the team. Donations would be unlikely to raise enough money, and providing hosted services as our main offering doesn’t fit what we do – since we provide on-premise property management, it feels illogical to only be able to offer to host the software for you.


iCloudReady tracks some usage of its own products. You can opt out of any telemetry at any time, and much is opt in by default.

Free edition

We ask users if they wish to opt in to:

  • Our Slack channel where we have a support
  • Email newsletter
  • Email security updates

We provide opt-out tracking on some basic high-level information on the product:

  • Aggregated usage data. We do not track any individual-user information.
  • The entity who initially uses the software:
  • Email address if provided
  • Company name if provided
  • The host

We do not connect entity information with usage data.

None of this data is passed to 3rd parties.

The reason we track these items is so we can understand how to improve our products. Aggregated usage data lets us work out which parts of the product are popular, where users get stuck, and what people ignore. Entity data helps us work out which features to build next – if we see people trying it out in similar industries, we can understand how to meet their use cases better.

Growth and Ultimate editions

We track product usage with our own product – the same you will be using – by default. However, we can opt you out – if you are an existing or prospective customer, talk to us about it.


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