The Best Ways to Manage Maintenance Requests With iCloudReady

By Alaa Azzam / March 22, 2023 / How to
manage maintenance requests effectively

Your business can reduce the amount of time it spends handling maintenance requests by using the efficient system offered by iCloudReady. Each stage of the maintenance process is automated, making it simple to submit and manage maintenance requests. iCloudReady can handle all of your maintenance tasks, from writing work orders to creating invoices.

This article will discuss how you can use iCloudReady to efficiently handle your maintenance requests.

Requesting Maintenance:

Tenants can easily submit maintenance requests by using an app or a portal. With iCloudReady, tenants can send contractors pictures of what needs to be fixed.

Furthermore, programming solutions to recurring maintenance requests will reduce the amount of time spent on frequently occurring issues, allowing tenants to be assured that their complaints will be resolved quickly.
Automated Reminders:

Without reminders, it can be difficult to keep track of basic maintenance that occurs at unpredictable times. ICloudReady makes it easy for property managers to keep track of routine maintenance tasks like updating an expired gas certificate by sending automated reminders. Automatic reminders allow property managers to stay on top of all maintenance needs.
Creating Work Orders:

Work orders are online documents that contractors can use to complete their projects. When a tenant reports an issue, iCloudReady generates a task to make creating a work order easier. When a property manager completes the requested work order, the connected contractors will be notified that the task has been completed.
Contractor Directory:

Businesses can use the contractor directory to find contractors for their property-related requirements. Work orders can be sent to invited contractors, and the task may be offered publicly for open bids from contractors. Contractors will be able to examine and accept all active jobs in the form of work orders through iCloudReady.
Convenient Invoicing:

Our software makes invoicing more effective by allowing contractors to send bills directly to the work order, simplifying payment and speeding up the maintenance process. iCloudReady aims to provide a simple, cost-effective method for managing your repair requests.

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