By Mayada / December 14, 2022 / iopsapps

Real estate brokers in Egypt are not viewed in a good light. In fact, this is the case around the world. People assume that they are only after the commission. While that may be true for many agents, there are real estate companies in Egypt that put honesty and integrity above money. To help guide you, we have conducted a survey to identify the best real estate brokers in Egypt. We chose the top agencies by speaking with past buyers and sellers to get their first-hand reviews. We also examined each real estate agency’s experience, properties, speed, and property marketing strategies. So if you want to rent, sell or buy property in Cairo, the North Coast, El Gouna, New Cairo, the New Capital, or anywhere else in the country, here are the top 10 real estate companies in Egypt.

Coldwell Banker has been leading the Egyptian real estate market for a long time. Their history and experience is matched by very few companies. They have plenty of real estate agents that will work closely with their clients to find them the best property for their budget. Based on the feedback of past clients, the estate agents working at Coldwell Banker have great communication skills. They do not rush you into making a decision or needlessly pressure you. They take their time to walk you through all options in a friendly manner and advise you in a professional way. If you are selling or renting out, Coldwell Banker makes sure that your property spends the least amount of time on the market with an accurate evaluation, excellent marketing techniques, and great people skills. They also work closely with Egypt’s top real estate developers and can guide you to the best investment that fits your budget.