Service Management


Facility and Service Management Platform Your gateway to take control of your facilites and service operations.



Operations Excellence for service and facility operation

icloudready Service Management being fully integrated with Your System of Records, helps facility management and maintance departments to achieve the highest level of service effectiveness, it provides companies with the right tools that will help them manage their facilites, warranty contracts or SLA more smoothly and provide prompt support to their clients.


Actionable Insights

With the executives' scarce, yet valuable time, the need for prominent dashboards that incapsulates all important figures and puts them together in an easy to read format. Not to mention the numerous amount of agents at the ready to carry out actions in a blink, all automated and all accurate to the point!.


Digital engagement app socially built for your tenant

The mobile application is now a necessity to bring your business closer to your customers, where they can make use of all your availed services at the palm of their hands, and the convenience of their homes...


Boost your services team productivity with OKR solution build for services management

Effectively breakdown your teams' KPIs into measurable OKRs, connect them to the company goals and bigger picture at all times.