Employee Productivity Apps

Employee Productivity Platform is the best way to control your industry easy and fast, Now Drive to the future.


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Employees Multi Levels Objectives and Key Results Management

Create Objectives and Key Results with a multi level option , Control Objectives and Key Results Assignments , Track Objectives progress and more


Time Management Features

Employees can record their time and progress easily with a single click , comprehensive time sheet that allows users to record multiple entries once.


Review Tasks

Managers have the ability to review each entry to make sure that everything on track.



Employee Productivity provides an interactive Dashboards , Get all needed information from one view , You can take a one look to see every thing you need to know about your employees.


Custody System

This is one of our applications in Employee Productivity family , Custody System i ready as a solution to get your business controlled easily , Get a benefit of using Custody Solution as a part of Employee Productivity applications.


Work Confirmation System

This is one of our applications in Employee Productivity family , you can get the Benefits of controlling your Projects and Deliverables to confirm work stages before issuing the collections to your providers.


Feeds Time Line

You can see all the historical Feeds in a time line view with exporting features.


Wiki and Docs Support

Upload your Documents and Wikis to help your employees in Employee Productivity Product.