Benefits of Online portals for tenants & for landlords

By Mayada Ibrahim / December 15, 2022 / Industry Insights
Online portal for tenants and landlords

You might want to consider offering online portals at your property if they're going to benefit your tenants and owners. By using them to manage their services and communications, you could be able to save yourself some time and keep up with your competition. To provide online portals, you can use a property manager program that already offers them. You won't need to manage separate accounts for each portal and deal with duplicate data entries.we believe mobile apps add convenience for everyone who uses them

Online portals provide several advantages for small businesses Self service portal makes it easy for tenants to pay their rents and report maintenance issues from anywhere. Online platforms let property managers and landlords see information that’s important to them. With easy mobile phone accessibility for seeing accounts' details and doing more online, tenants and property owners won't need to contact their offices as often. Stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the latest trends. Don't let yourself be left behind by your competitors.

Portals for tenants and Landlords For tenants you can Let your tenant use your app to view important information about their account with you. They can see their balance, pay rent, and request maintenance. You can also let them view their lease document or other information you want to provide. For landlords you can give your business' customers secure online control over their property information. With our mobile app, they'll be able to view property data and documents anytime, anywhere — including when they're offline.