How to manage maintenance requests effectively

By Mayada Ibrahim / December 29, 2022 / How to
manage maintenance requests effectively

Icloudready offers an efficient system and app suite that can help save your business from the complications and time wasted on managing maintenance requests. The result — savings in time and money to use on growing your business. Automation can be included in every step of the maintenance workflow and all stakeholders can communicate through one single platform. This will make it as easy as possible to submit and manage maintenance requests. Icloudready will take care of all your maintenance tasks, from creating work orders to making invoices simpler. All stakeholders will receive updates always during the maintenance process or when something changes to ensure more clarity.

Requesting Maintenance Tenants can quickly and easily make maintenance requests through an app or portal, eliminating lengthy phone calls. This simplifies the process by bringing all communication onto one platform, enabling issues to be resolved faster and increasing tenant satisfaction. With Icloudready, tenants can further provide contractors with pictures of what needs to be fixed so that specialists who have the means to fix it can accept the job request. This will help to make sure any repairs are done properly and quickly. Additionally, setting up programmed responses to repetitious maintenance asks will save time and decrease the hours spent on regularly seen, simple issues. This way, renters can rest assured that their queries will be addressed quickly.

Automated Reminders for Scheduled Maintenance It can be difficult to manage and monitor a property portfolio because of all the moving pieces involved, making it hard to remember all the tasks that have to be finished. Icloudready makes it easy for property managers to stay on top of regular maintenance tasks they may otherwise forget by providing automated reminders. Doing these regularly scheduled jobs keeps your business compliant. For instance, you need to remember to update an expiring gas certificate. Without reminders, it can be hard to keep track of regular maintenance that comes at long intervals. Automatic reminders let you easily stay on top of any upcoming maintenance needs.

Creating Work Orders Work orders are online worksheets for contractors to use for their job. They can either be added by the tenant or the property manager. Whenever tenants report an issue, Icloudready automatically generates a task to make creating a work order simpler. A quote isn't necessary when forming the work order yet you can choose to include one. As soon as the property manager works up the requested work order, associated contractors will be informed that the task has been put into action. Property managers and tenants can keep track of a job's progress when it goes live, a contractor agrees to it, or a quote from a contractor is accepted. Thanks to Icloudready, hundreds of contractors can be quickly made aware of any maintenance jobs available.

Contractor Directory Through the contractor directory, businesses can locate contractors for their property-related needs. Invited contractors may be issued work orders, or the job can be advertised publicly for open bids by contractors. Through the Icloudready App, contractors will be able to view and accept all active jobs in the form of work orders. The quote provided is then either accepted by the property owner or yourself once the job has been accepted by a contractor.

Tracking Jobs Icloudready provides digital tracking of jobs in process. With the Icloudready app, tenants, property managers and contractors can stay connected. After agreeing on the quote or accepting a predefined job order, the job status will be activated. Scheduling tasks to the earliest possible time can reduce response time and everyone involved will be notified with changes or when a job is finished. Contractors will have the ability to upload pictures onto the work order for you or your property owner's confirmation when the job has been done in agreement with requirements. Keeping an eye on jobs will not only increase transparency between all parties but will also remove the necessity of landlords having to ask tenants for updates on maintenance.

Streamlined Billing Icloudready's Contractor App makes invoicing more efficient by letting contractors send invoices straight to the work order. Including an invoice in a work order simplifies the payment process, speeding up maintenance and keeping contractors content. After you or the property owner approves the invoice, they can sign off on the work order. Icloudready's platform and apps offer an easy, cost-saving way to manage your maintenance requests which will boost the efficiency for you, your tenants, and your contractors.