Automotive iCloud Ready Platform is the best way to control your industry easy and fast. Drive to the future, NOW.



Boost your team productivity with OKR solution build for Automotive industry

Linking KPIs to daily and weekly OKRs is essential for employees to keep track of their targets and eventually the company's own vision and goal. KPI Builder not only documents every employee's day to day job but also reflects them into percentages to be able to keep track of where the employee is now at against their targets.


Digital engagement app socially built for Automotive industry

The mobile application is now a necessity to bring your business closer to your customers and potential buyers, where they can browse through your cars, inquire of availability, shop for spare parts accessories and even for cars!.

Customer Engagement

Actionable Insights for Automotive Industry

With the executives' scarce, yet valuable time, the need for prominent dashboards that encapsulated all important figures and puts them together in an easy to read format. Not to mention the numerous amount of agents at the ready to carry out actions in a blink, all automated and all accurate to the point!.


Operations Excellence for Automotive Industry

Supercharge your dealership. increase sales and customer satisfaction and meet the new demands of the automotive industry. iCloud-Ready Platform for Automotive is a cloud-based management system that will help you increase deals, raise productivity and drive unparalleled customer satisfaction. Integrating sales, after-sales, spare parts, finance and administration, iCloud-Ready Platform is designed to help you provide an unforgettable, modern service.