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HR and poeple analytics, actions and dashboard

HR departments focus on human behavior, but what is driving employee choices? With enough data and the right tools, the how and why behind individual decisions and performance can be understood.


Industry Specific Analytics

The How and Why Behind Your Industry, idataworkers gives organizations the ability to ingest, process, and view their industry specific data in real time. You can analyze your customers information.


Tomorrow’s Finance Analytics Capabilities, Today

Executives now expect more from finance than accurate financial statements and reports. They need forward-looking, predictive insights from a growing mountain of data that can help shape tomorrow’s business strategies and improve day-to-day decision-making in real time. Beyond the “what”, finance must now report on “why” and “how”. Leverage All Data Data comes from everywhere, not just your ERP or EPM systems. It comes from various departments, third-party information, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and many more sources.


Increase Efficiency While Discovering New Possibilities

In the era of digital business, the supply chain process is filled with data. From order management to procurement and inventory management processes, the entire cycle creates data signals across every phase to report on quantities, shipping dates, and procurement spans. Idataworkers Analytics for Supply Chain Management enables a modern overhaul of any organization’s supply chain management processes, from operations to inventory to logistics to sales.


A comprehensive library of best practice metrics incorporates our extensive knowledge of business apps data

This comprehensive library of best practice metrics incorporates our extensive knowledge and experience in building business applications. Spanning all business functions and roles, the best practice metrics library will include strategic, operational, and process metrics that can be benchmarked internally or against a peer group.


Email, SMS, and push notifications

Notifiy your executive with an email message or smsm when a specific action such as purchasing / canceling subscription or any important business action.


Custom branding and localization

Idataworkers can be customized with a look and feel that aligns with your organization's brand requirements and user expectations. Branding Idataworkers collateral provides a consistent user experience for your users, and gives them peace of mind that they’re using a product from a trusted and secure provider.


Online data sources and warehouse option

Analyze and uncover the hidden insights from the data present in your system of records directly or through connecting to idataworkers warehouse


Sensitive data management

Designed to help you meet the privacy standards set by the EU, Idataworkers has multiple GDPR-centric enhancements that provide a streamlined mechanism, from storing data to handling data subject rights. This way you don't have to worry about compliance and focus more on running your business.


Reading from more than 30 different data sources

Idataworkers reads from most of the top system of records and industry specific solutions and data sources.


Help articles, support and documentation

Our architect and support team are ready to support you anytime to achieve your objectives


SQL and no-sql databases ,cloud or On-premise databases

You can get your data into idataworkers from any source for powerful analysis and reporting on both SQL and NoSQL data sources


Prediction, Classification, and various features via ML models

Idataworkers enables you to effectively predict your future data trends, using its forecasting and ML feature. Forecasting in Idataworkers is based on powerful forecasting algorithms which analyzes your past data deeply and comes up with the best forecast for the future.